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Guided Running Tour

Enjoy a jog through Old Town Scottsdale, AZ!

Quick Details


  • Guided run through Old Town Scottsdale customized to group skill level
  • Run 3-5 miles depending on group ability level
Guest All Ages

Discover your new favorite running trail in Scottsdale and elevate your fitness routine today.

Experience the perfect blend of nature and fitness on our scenic running trails. Immerse yourself in breathtaking desert landscapes as you enjoy a invigorating run. With trails suitable for all skill levels, lace up your running shoes and discover the beauty of Scottsdale one stride at a time. Embrace the outdoors and elevate your running game in this vibrant city. Start your adventure on Scottsdale’s running trails today!

In addition to major landmarks, we will stop to talk about some of the flora and fauna of the Sonoran desert. This a public tour.